Quotes about moving on can be very helpful in some situations. Most of us are alone in situations when we’re down. We spend time all alone, felling hurt and thinking that ‘it is real bad’. In such situations, it is good to read or hear other people who have had similar situations. In fact, all of us have suffered in our lives. Sometimes, the best advice comes from the complete strangers. That is the point of reading quotes. It doesn’t matter who has written them – what they say is important.

“I used to have ups and downs, too. I’ve had difficult moments, tears, pain and loneliness. I used to sit on my armchair and wonder: why am I here in the first place? Those were some painful moments, but the very fact that I’m writing these lines is enough to tell you that I’m still here. That is the point of every failure – to make you move on.”

“Courageous people don’t neglect fear. Courageous people accept the fear, but with a smile on their faces.”

“Misfortune is often based on wrong thinking. People wrongly believe that vanity and dignity is one same thing.”

“Once you realize that each day of your life brings a new chance for you, you will be able to move on and be happy.”

“To be mentally sound, you need changes. You cannot do the same thing repeatedly and expect to have different results.”

“Before you move on, you have to forgive yourself for your mistakes.”

“You need to laugh at everything. That way, you will keep the distance from events and you will be able to move on.”

“If you are attached to any event, this will prevent you from moving on to better things. It is like a fence that keeps you inside your past.”

“We don’t know what we’re capable of, until we try. You can only make it if you try.”

“Success happens to people who are able to move on after failures and downs. It doesn’t matter how often you fall, but how fast you get up and move on.”

“Sometimes, we are afraid of moving on because we prefer sticking to the things we know all about. We call this certainty. We tend to hold on to something, just because we’ve gotten used to it. Making changes has a certain risk and people are afraid of this risk. But, you should know that this risk is never greater than your potential success.”

“Sometimes, the winner is the one who is able to let go and move on. Wise people know when to do so.”

“If you keep projecting your pass onto your future, you will be living the same day over and over.”

“If you want to make any progress, you must have a bit of self-criticism and a lot of guts. Progress is only possible if you move on to the unknown.”