We would like to share some quotes about moving onand letting go of friends. The feelings you have for your friend cannot be measured or defined, but we can say that friendship is always based on trust and understanding. When one of these is broken, it will be hard for you to forgive and move on. However, keep in mind that everybody makes mistakes. We are all only humans, after all. Before you move on and let go of friends, you have to forgive them first.

If you are hurt, there is no need to determine the guilt. It doesn’t really matter who is to blame. Your only concern should be how to move on. Once you realize this, you will start living an easier life, full of peace and happiness.

“Only a strong person is able to forgive. Weak people can’t forgive anything. They just run away and pretend to have principles.”

“Pride is often defined in a wrong way. Pride is not when you refuse to forgive. Pride is when you are able to truly forgive, with a sincere smile on your face.”

“Once you forgive someone, you will feel relieved.”

“Instead of being angry with your friend, you can use that energy to forgive and move on.”

“Only strong people are capable of letting go.”

“Even if you are hurt, keep in mind that everything must pass. Forgive your friends and your enemies and move on. You will discover that the best friend you have is – you.”

“We all know that we have to make the right decisions in life. The problem is that we can’t tell the difference between right and wrong.”

“Letting go doesn’t mean giving up. It means moving on.”

“If your friend has hurt you, this is not the end of the world. Keep in mind that everything changes. It is even better to be hurt sooner, than to live in a lie for decades.”

“The moment you let go of something, you will see that there are other great things to hold on to.”

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