We have found some great quotes about moving onfrom friends. Friendship should be one of the most valuable things in the world. Its value cannot be calculated. A true friend will always be by your side. Sometimes, we tend to believe that someone is your friend, but we get disappointed and we get hurt. There is nothing so bad like false friendship. If you have been hurt by a person you called a friend, don’t regret. Move on and forget about the whole thing. The only right thing to do in such situations is forgiving. If you are still angry, don’t be. Anger is bad for you and it will not change anything. Forgive your ex best friend and move on.

“You don’t need a friend who will always agree with you. Your own shadow can do everything you do – much better.”

“Trust is necessary for any friendship. Friendship is necessary for trust.”

“It is much better to have a true enemy, than to have a false friend.”

“One ex friend is worse than all your enemies are.”

“You need to forgive your enemies. That will make them truly angry.”

“People, who used to love you before you were successful, will not love you after your success. Success and happiness are unforgivable.”

“Your true friend will love you even if you are more handsome, taller, younger and richer.”

“Your true friend is the one that helps you, even though he knows that you will never be able to do the same thing for him.”

“Your true friend will be able to forgive you. If you hurt him again, don’t try to apologize. It will be the worse offense.”

“Your true friend will never be your judge. Friends are not there to judge you, but to understand you and help you move on.”

“Your friend will always tell you the truth, no matter how awful it will sound.”

“A friend who is always telling you what you want to hear, is not you friend.”

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  1. nathan says:

    I am so sad to move away from my friends ); ); );

  2. Carey says:

    one of my dearest friends are moving away to college she has a very special place close to my heart but every time i read these quotes i will thing of her!!<3 u jgr:):):)

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